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(n.) filipino/tagalog word for poop, crap, dukie, shit.
Yo, get away from me man! Yo' breath smells like tae.

When I go tae in the field or in combat, I like to read the port-o-potty literature written on the walls.
by O-Dogg May 26, 2004
(noun) tagalog word for fart.
Na aamoy mo ba ang utot ko?
Can you smell my fart?
by O-Dogg May 24, 2004
THE absolute best interactive, multiplayer, sci-fi, first person video game ever engineered. - Especially entertaining for soldiers stationed in the middle east...
Hey, are you bitches playing Halo later?
by O-dogg November 27, 2004
acronym for: Never Even Left. It is a position even lower than that of a FOB.
That dude Raygay was such a fob.
by O-dogg November 27, 2004
While engaging in intercourse from behind, placing one's thumbs against one's temples and then vigorously wiggling one's fingers in a Bullwinklish manner.
"I moosed three chicks last night."
"Last night I got moosed again by that bastard!!"
by O-dogg January 31, 2003
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