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animalistic overwhelmingly slutty, a creature so hideous it hurts your eyes to look at. legs officially will not close due to significant partners. Typical moose traits include a somewhat bumpy area on the back of head, the head is usually tilted to the side so it doesn't miss feeding opportunities, and can hide the ashamed face of moose from other animals. Distinct sounds of arrogance. Schizophrenia, Neurotic, Insane, slut.
given the nick name moose. TAKE A HINT. A BIG FAT HAIRY ANIMAL.
by Alexandria_Musialkiewicz August 19, 2009
An animal that can b entertaining to watch have intercourse

A large horny animal
"I love moose watching!!!"

"I just love how mooses are soo horny!"
A large, ungainly girl (tall, well built than fat) who appears a bit dumb and/or clutzy, not particulary attractive. Or perhaps a girl who is a bit too big to be completely feminine, like Kimora Lee Simmons. Basically a girl whose physical presence is vaguely reminiscent of that hulking, slow-witted animal, the moose, which lacks the grace of something like a stag.
That girl is a real moose!
by ManofG February 07, 2009
A moose is another word for whore. A way to describe a slut. Can also be used as "Moosie".
Friend 1: Damn that girl is good looking

Friend 2: Yeah dude, but I bet she is a total moose.
by Nick, Cordell, Ian January 25, 2009
Meaning: something thats awesome, cool, rad, etc. Used to describe a situation, event, or object deemed as worthy of being awesome or cool.
"Dude, that heavy metal concert next month is gonna be so moose!"

" Just picked up some DVDs today and they are totaly moose!!!"
by NaTeSaUcE January 23, 2009
A gram or more of weed.
Hey could I get a moose of ya?
by Barnacle Boy November 07, 2010
Large antlered animal native to North America. Plural form is Meese
"Nice one moose you got there"

"Yeh you shouldve been at the farm there were tons of Meese!"
by BigSid December 07, 2009