a slang for the female genitalia, getting its use from the internal female reproduction organs resembling a moose or some other type of horned creature.
oh my gosh, the female reproduction totally resembles a moose!
by dinosaur16 September 20, 2010
A mammal that likes to have sex with women on craigslist.
Did you hear about the Moose on the news that got shot by a hunter when he found out the Moose was having sex with his 12 year old daughter?
by Chicken42017 September 15, 2010
A female with a larger than normal rack size, A female thats breasts appear to be the size of a moose!
Kale: Hey Jay! Look at that girls chest

Jay: Haha! Yes! its a moose!
by Rageofnoobs September 10, 2010
A large, ungainly girl (tall, well built than fat) who appears a bit dumb and/or clutzy, not particulary attractive. Or perhaps a girl who is a bit too big to be completely feminine, like Kimora Lee Simmons. Basically a girl whose physical presence is vaguely reminiscent of that hulking, slow-witted animal, the moose, which lacks the grace of something like a stag.
That girl is a real moose!
by ManofG February 07, 2009
A moose is another word for whore. A way to describe a slut. Can also be used as "Moosie".
Friend 1: Damn that girl is good looking

Friend 2: Yeah dude, but I bet she is a total moose.
by Nick, Cordell, Ian January 25, 2009
A gram or more of weed.
Hey could I get a moose of ya?
by Barnacle Boy November 07, 2010
someone that has an attractive head but a bad body. with a moose you hang the head on the wall and not the body.
person: hey what do you think of that chick

2nd person: ah she's a fair moose
by chicekn April 10, 2010
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