former Dallas Cowboy fullback Daryl Johnston's nickname. He was a big, powerful lead blocker.
Moose was always knocking the 49ers around in the NFC title game.
by T-Dog Jenkins July 13, 2005
Jesus riding a T-rex on fire with chocolate sex.
Dude, that was so sick!

I know! That guys such a moose!

Wtf are you talking about?

Look it up, its on urban dictionary now!
by Avigantimos December 29, 2011
A male's sperm. OR, moosed, the action of cumming.
There was a lot of moose in the bathroom stall.

When Tina walked by, Jon moosed in his jeans!
by fir3wing August 30, 2011
a Ultra Noob
He pulled a "Moose"
by v ViiRuS x December 21, 2010
When an individual acts brotherly/best-friends only to disappear permenantly for the love/lust of a woman is considered as being a "moose".
Ya! man, Mustafa was a brother but he turned out to be a "Moose".

Hey! Where is Mustafa these days? Don't Ask! He pulled a "Moose".
by Black Hawk, Knight Hawk November 19, 2010
a slang for the female genitalia, getting its use from the internal female reproduction organs resembling a moose or some other type of horned creature.
oh my gosh, the female reproduction totally resembles a moose!
by dinosaur16 September 20, 2010
A mammal that likes to have sex with women on craigslist.
Did you hear about the Moose on the news that got shot by a hunter when he found out the Moose was having sex with his 12 year old daughter?
by Chicken42017 September 15, 2010

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