A gram or more of weed.
Hey could I get a moose of ya?
by Barnacle Boy November 07, 2010
Large antlered animal native to North America. Plural form is Meese
"Nice one moose you got there"

"Yeh you shouldve been at the farm there were tons of Meese!"
by BigSid December 07, 2009
Slang term for crack cocaine
Yo, you got any moose?

Hit the moose, then government came and took my baaaaby!
by BaveT March 04, 2009
vagina, twat, or pussy
In norway people call it a moose.
Don't be a moose.
by you're losing! January 02, 2009
a big fuckin animal...
Ryan: Wow, thats a big fuckin animal.

Izabel: Don't you mean a moose?

Dan: Izabel, why can't you stop sandbagging people!?

Chris: BALLS!!!
by Jesus Christ Jr. April 19, 2008
1)n. A Canadian quadra-ped woodland creature, has antlers but loses them every summer
2)n. someone who is crazy, or just said something or did something crazy
3)adj. discribing someone who resembles def.2
4)v. to play video games, to make cookies (or bake in general), have sex
1)The other night i almost hit a moose.
2)Did you see him dancing? hes such a moose.
3)That was such a moose thing to do.
4)Last night i moosed with your sister. (figure that one out haha)
by Moose face...cakes November 20, 2005
The best dog that will ever live. He enjoys playing with milk bones as if they were alive and is really the whole family's pet. He can pass some serious gas and then just turn back and look at you as if you were the disgusting one. And Moose really loves the b***hes and will do anything he can to find them. Moose also does this cute head tilt when he is trying to figure something out like a noise or decide whether he should bark.
The neighbor showed up at the door with a box of puppies and said, "these belong to Moose"!
by 210940 February 06, 2010

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