another term for "not it"
hand gesturing IS necessary.
You: "Who wants to clean the house?"
Everyone else: "Moose."

...You are now stuck with cleaning the house because everyone else moosed.
by holytoledotech February 25, 2009
While one of your buddies is banging a random chick, bust into the room and yell moose. If he does not immediately put both hands up like antlers then punch him in the nads and run off.(It's preferred that there is a camera involved for proof)
Kyle's in there hittin that let's Moose him.
by Dizzle17 October 21, 2008
when someone burps everyone yells 'moose' and the last person to call gets punched by every one

by hairy wild man May 03, 2008
refers to a drunk, non bathing homeless person or day labor worker who totes all belongings around on back. Can be found sleeping in park, drinking nature ice, and smoking crack. orgin - clearwater, florida, chips selter.
Look at that moose on the bench,drinking nature ice, and sleeping in the park!
by c-minus February 23, 2008
verb. To throw something at someone, ideally a stuffed moose toy. To be used only when the person does something really annoying.
Ugh I just wanted to moose him that time when he said...
by Rhiana October 08, 2007
verb. To raise both hands to your head to simulate moose antlers whilst having sexual intercourse with a girl from behind.
I pulled a random bird in Zanzibar last night, took her home and moosed her three times.
by mercunium November 21, 2003
A moose you would automatically think is an animal. WRONG. A moose is a ugly female. Mese would be more than one ugly females in one group.
by NamerGamer March 08, 2010

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