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a shortened version of the phrase "Massive Poop"
Herbie sat on the toilet and transcended taking a poop, it was much more massive; he took a moop
by mofotronimus October 10, 2006
22 25
Acronym for Matter Out Of Place
mr. Belvedere was moop at the anime convention
by Helne April 08, 2005
32 35
A neutral version of meep. Can be also used randomly..
1st person (who is excited): Meep!
2nd person (who is not excited): Moop.


by ladyjulianne November 30, 2003
90 93
A person that has sex with dead people.
eww.. she's a moop.
by Roman Anders June 06, 2011
0 4
To burp while keeping you mouth closed, then tapping your sister on the shoulder and blowing it in her face.
She wouldn't change the channel, so I burped up some pizza and mooped her.
by W.E. Coyote August 20, 2003
1 5
being extremely random and sexual almost homosexual during hyperactivity, with the exception of grabing ones breasts or penis
(or out of control)
"I was so moop today i walked up to a stranger and yanked on his crotch"

"that was my dad"
by ehna September 09, 2008
1 6
An unreliable person. Someone who shows up late, doesn't pay rent or repay loans, can't hold down a job for very long, etc. Your typical moop has tattoos, piercings, court-ordered child support, a substance abuse problem and a petty criminal record. One step up from a rubadub.
I thought tending bar would be a fun job, but I couldn't stand listening to the moops tell their stupid fishing stories all day!
by paperbackwriter July 10, 2008
3 8