To combine moping and pooping. The volume of pooping increases with the amount of moping.
That guy can only moop around, and it's destroying the carpet.
#moop #mooping #moops #mope #moping #poop #pooping #mooper
by roboninja hunter July 31, 2006
milk + poop
baby poop
by Rob April 28, 2004
Expressing disappointment
I'm so sad, moop.
by Fred August 26, 2003
Someone who is known to be slow or frumpy
You moop, lets go!
Stop being moopy.
by Skootr September 06, 2005
opening your mouth while putting eye make up on.
while putting mascara on i mooped
#mascara #eye makeup #eyes #makeup #mouth
by i luv my baby October 30, 2006
An insult. Sort of like fucker or bitch.
You moop you suck balls
by Scot Clemons May 10, 2005
All life in existence and then some.
That's a moop.
by m00p December 05, 2003
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