No definate definition. Used when ever necassary and can be used to replace most nouns and some verbs.
Guy 1: Dude fuck you and your moopin ways. i hope you moop off a cliff.

Guy 2: Dude.... So not moop of you to say that.
by Nigarachi23 March 31, 2010
A greeting used by eastern European homosexuals.
Bob: "Moop, lets go to a gay bar."
Stan: "Moop, OK."
by frank murphy September 16, 2009
Alternative to the word lame.
"This party is really moop, let's get out of here."
by Ant the Knee September 12, 2009
A person that has moobs and mopes around that he is fat.
Spencer became fat after breaking his leg and became a moop.
by Notamoop June 20, 2009
pertaining to a cute, dorky significant other.
annie: i wanna a sloth! **thumbs up**
matt: oh, you're such a moop.
by anndizack June 07, 2009
The act of pooping while you are mooning someone
Today we mooped someone and it was so disgusting a threw up.
by BrymanBryguy69 April 19, 2009
the combination of mold and poop
smelling like mold and poop put together
honey burts beeswax smells like moop
"man that smells like moop"
by hairyhippo March 06, 2009

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