Moop is a slang word, somewhat an oxymoron, it has connotations of being disheartened or upset, Often used to commiserate someone when their situation is a negative one.

created by Janine Whitehead, of Blackburn, UK
i can't go out drinking tonight, my shift has changed im in first thing this morning' - 'moop
by Robert kavanagh November 17, 2010
a codeword for fuck.
What the moop?

This mooping soup is cold.

God she is such a fat moop.

by izzzyaustin November 10, 2010
1. burning man term means "matter out of place"/ litter, major no no.

I GIVE ANOTHER DEFINITION...#2. (hehe) is what happens when muppets (or silly creatures) poop, particularly at burning man...
i wore a fuzzy full-body costume that night and the zipper got stuck...i had to moop so bad i cut the zipper off!
by mystic muppet April 01, 2010
No definate definition. Used when ever necassary and can be used to replace most nouns and some verbs.
Guy 1: Dude fuck you and your moopin ways. i hope you moop off a cliff.

Guy 2: Dude.... So not moop of you to say that.
by Nigarachi23 March 31, 2010
A greeting used by eastern European homosexuals.
Bob: "Moop, lets go to a gay bar."
Stan: "Moop, OK."
by frank murphy September 16, 2009
pertaining to a cute, dorky significant other.
annie: i wanna a sloth! **thumbs up**
matt: oh, you're such a moop.
by anndizack June 07, 2009
The act of pooping while you are mooning someone
Today we mooped someone and it was so disgusting a threw up.
by BrymanBryguy69 April 19, 2009

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