The act of pooping while you are mooning someone
Today we mooped someone and it was so disgusting a threw up.
by BrymanBryguy69 April 19, 2009
the combination of mold and poop
smelling like mold and poop put together
honey burts beeswax smells like moop
"man that smells like moop"
by hairyhippo March 06, 2009
Moop has become a way to say "Hi" or "Hello" in the game World of Warcraft. It is used to say "Hello" in guild chat but the most common use is as a General Chat salute in high level raid instances, when a player wishes to make his/her presence known to all other players who are zoned into the same instance.

Repsonses may vary from "Hey Freddie " to "STFU you nab we are raiding here" which often leads to a spate of general chat spam and abuse.
person1: Moop
person2: Hey m8 how a u?
person3: Oh no not he again. Who let him in here?
person4: FFS SHUT UP &%#% NOOBS!!!11
person5: Moop
by Rainhio February 23, 2009
Moop has many different definitions that people have come up with over the years, however no one has got it right.
Moop is another way to say the fuck word with no one knowing what your talking about
Moop you.
wanna go moop?
I mooping want you

lol I just had a moopgasam
by Tylerrzzzzz April 30, 2008
someone who has an annoying laugh, and laughs at his obviously not funny jokes
Wow, Preston is the biggest moop alive.
by Gus G. April 23, 2008
1. (noun): a small part or string on the end of the mop.
2. (verb): when used as a verb, this means something so terrible that nobody can even begin to explain its meaning. NEVER EVER USE MOOP AS A VERB!!!
Good example:
"Mom, most of the moops on the mop are worn out so were gonna need a new mop."

Bad example:
"I'm gonna go moop the floor!"

(Sorry if I offended anyone with that bad example, but you all must be prepared to hear it as a verb)
by Hi Erin/Alex February 17, 2008
a word used to express disappointment or sadness =.... meep can also be used to express excitment about something
someone: im sorry but the school trip to the theme park is cancelled

Student: moop that sucks
by xXprincess_rawrXx January 03, 2008
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