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An afternoon poop; Commonly taken at the end of a lunch break as a result of food and continuous coffee consumption; Sometimes referred to as an '"afternoop."

Not to be confused with a moop.
You should have seen the massive noop I took today after lunch!
by Jerktart July 28, 2011
noop stands for "No Operation"; it means something that does nothing. It can also be written as "no-op".
1. I had to pad that code with noops.
by UNK April 12, 2005
A term originating from Northeastern University (a school known for co-ops) which depicts a student who is scheduled to go out on co-op with a company, but has not yet found a job.

Since a student is on no-op, then he/she has the ability to do whatever they want, such as sleeping in til noon, playing video games, etc. It's like funemployment, only for college students, and not recieving any money.
Chris: Jim, have you found a co-op job yet?
Jim: No, I'm still on no-op
by The America Germanophile February 12, 2007
(pronounced 'no op', from NOP the computer assembly language instruction that tells the computer to do nothing)

Loser; a stupid or lazy person.
He's a complete no-op. Ignore him.
by node-edon April 02, 2006
Word used(mostly on multiplayer-games) instead of noob by people that dont understand proper english and are considered by most, "morons".
The population that uses this denomination the most are people from underdeveloped countries.
Decent player: " I owned you ass!!!"
Stupid player responds: "Noop" must comonly said by them:"Noooooooooooooooop"
and never speaks again.

Decent player: "STFU weak boy"
Stupid player responds: " ur nooooooooooop"
by aTruePlayer May 12, 2009
An utterly useless co-worker. This is much worse than clueless as the clueless can often be trained to become cluefull. Also written as 'no-op'.
That marketing puke is such a noop.
by TimC April 06, 2006
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