A derpy or uncool loser that is usually very unattractive.
The junior high is filled with moops.
by Bananarama R. April 09, 2015
The act of squeezing an erotic or sexual part of the body playfully and without sexual intent.
Squeezing your partners breast and laughing childishly while shouting "Moop!"

"God damn you Charlene, I'm so gonna moop you"

"You're such a mooper"
by Mooper391 May 03, 2010
n. any of a species of greasy-haired, pedophilic co-worker who invents stories about a fictitious life, makes jokes so bad your eyes run, and is generally incompetent, but suspiciously still employed.
"That guy brought down the entire development server for the third time today and now he's having lunch with the boss. He must be a real moop!"
by moop_go_boom March 25, 2010
term used to describe an awesome party, person, or act.
1. You are such a moop.
2. Do you moop?
3. I moop everyday, anyday.
4. He was such an anti-moop.
5. Remember mooping last summe?! We need to have a Moopfest 2010!
by Jake the Moopster March 13, 2010
to masturbate and poop at the same time.

Did you hear, Mark moops!
by alksdjfwlekm April 27, 2009
(n) The sound that one makes when they sit around all bored like and say "moop."

(v) to moop -- The act of sitting around not doing anything but twiddling ones thumbs and making the sound "moop."
Gary sat at his computer screen and having reached the end of the internet with there being no more exciting websites to read, started twiddling his thumbs and saying "moop."
by insinternets December 05, 2008
The mixture of excrement and mud on the floor of a Johnny-On-The-Spot, especially found at rainy festivals.
1. I went to the bathroom and sat my purse right in a patch of moop.
2. Under the tent at the festival, there was a stench that made us all wonder if what we were walking in was not mud, but actually moop.
by PopeDarren September 16, 2008
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