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means "mother" in arabic, as in Mos Def's lyric "Umi Says"
My Umi said shine your light on the world
#mother #mom #ummi #arabic #mos def
by nosoyenana December 20, 2006
A word that describes a young, beautiful girl. She's usually loud, but not too loud. She's the life of every party. She sometimes makes mistakes, but always learns from them. She effects everyone's life. You either love an Umi or hate an Umi.
Most boys will soon find them self in love or crushing on Umi. Umi is also great at sex and sends nudes.
Boy1: Man, who's that hot chick dancing on the table?
Boy2: Looks like an Umi, ngl.
by Nohappienesswithoutcqre April 13, 2016
Is usually an amazing, smart, athletic , artistic person, not to mention is very sexy. Is very confident and hardly ever gets scared. All the boys go crazy over her but, she usually ends up with boys named Sam or Nick.
Girl: I wish I was Umi

Boy: That girl is such a Umi
by umzizzle April 22, 2016
Umi is directly translated as ocean in Japanese, but is otherwise known as a short person.
Look at that umi go!

#midget #shawty #shorty #4'11 and shorter #ocean
by Happiness February 05, 2008
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