The area of the body located between the testicular sack and the entry hole of the anus. Characterized by smooth, soft skin and supple features that are totally awesome.
He just got kicked in the moop!

My moop is sore!
by poopsquirt January 08, 2011
1. Offensive term used to describe the mentally and physically challenged; slow witted, uncoordinated, stupid. retard downie

2. The name of Kiles band in South Park
Ex. moop-ball - A way to describe the quality of a sporting event. Co-ed softball can also be referred to as "Moop-Ball" because the quality of the game is so poor.

Ex. After your third car accident in a year your driving skills can be described as moop-ish or moop-like.
i.e. You drive like a moop!

by mgilly August 23, 2007
When someone who is clearly stupider and less capable than you undermines you at work by making a completely stupid point to make themselves feel important.
Diana said,"Carolyn, of course this is an amazing report that you have spent hours working on that I couldn't possibly understand. I noticed, though, that you often used semi-colons and sometimes used colons for your lists. Be consistent"
Carolyn replied, "Don't moop me."
by DaManaga September 04, 2013
Noun: derogatory slang; a stupid bastard

Verb: to move about aimlessly with no real sense of purpose, perhaps due to stupidity or depression
Noun: Look at that big moop over there in his jorts. What a loser.

Verb: He's been mooping around ever since his jorts got stolen.
by Big Moop September 14, 2008
The Opposite of Meep.
Moop! Moop! Moop! Moop! Moop!
by David Honsberger November 15, 2004
Somebody who is annoying and stupid
"Your annoying and stupid, your a moop."
by sagganie January 02, 2016
A derpy or uncool loser that is usually very unattractive.
The junior high is filled with moops.
by Bananarama R. April 09, 2015
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