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a word to fill the silence with the hopes of making the other person laugh.
I said moop and things were comfortable again.
by Jeanette October 23, 2003
moop, derived from the word mope, no necessarily purely for fat people. To moob is tobe lazy, to moop around is to wander around at home with no plans of goals of any kind. Moop is also a sound you can make to express boredom.
Person A: We are going out, what are you up to?
Person B: I'm just mooping around.

Person A: I'm bored!
Person B: MOOP!
by Pezmistic November 05, 2010
The act of squeezing an erotic or sexual part of the body playfully and without sexual intent.
Squeezing your partners breast and laughing childishly while shouting "Moop!"

"God damn you Charlene, I'm so gonna moop you"

"You're such a mooper"
by Mooper391 May 03, 2010
1. burning man term means "matter out of place"/ litter, major no no.

I GIVE ANOTHER DEFINITION...#2. (hehe) is what happens when muppets (or silly creatures) poop, particularly at burning man...
i wore a fuzzy full-body costume that night and the zipper got stuck...i had to moop so bad i cut the zipper off!
by mystic muppet April 01, 2010
No definate definition. Used when ever necassary and can be used to replace most nouns and some verbs.
Guy 1: Dude fuck you and your moopin ways. i hope you moop off a cliff.

Guy 2: Dude.... So not moop of you to say that.
by Nigarachi23 March 31, 2010
term used to describe an awesome party, person, or act.
1. You are such a moop.
2. Do you moop?
3. I moop everyday, anyday.
4. He was such an anti-moop.
5. Remember mooping last summe?! We need to have a Moopfest 2010!
by Jake the Moopster March 13, 2010
Alternative to the word lame.
"This party is really moop, let's get out of here."
by Ant the Knee September 12, 2009
A person that has moobs and mopes around that he is fat.
Spencer became fat after breaking his leg and became a moop.
by Notamoop June 20, 2009