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AIDS virus, word orignated for the New york city area
Yo Mike I think im going to fuck Quanna. "Na man chill i heard she got the monster". word! Then I use a rubber then.
by Tah January 22, 2007
Plural form of monster
1. A creature or race of beings that do not conform with the ways of those who would call them monsters.
2. An entity not of this world, somthing that dosn't belong or exist in our relm, world, or plane.
3. A being that's sole purpos is to give experiance unto a party simply for the defeat of said monster(s)
by Nogohoho October 18, 2003
a ruthless unsympathetic,self-centered person
Rodger is a monster the way he treats his girlfriend.
by Gerard Irick July 06, 2009
A person who likes to frighten others and drink free soda. They use shaker cans and are not easily intimidated. They are never expected and have ninja-like reflexes.
"That monster came out of nowhere. he was all like grr and i was like oh shit."
by Meatwhistle July 18, 2006
monster energy drink packaged by monster energy inc.flavors are "original" "lo-carb" "assault" "khaos" "M-80" "heavy metal" and java flavors are "big black" "loca moca" "mean bean" "russian" "irish blend" "nut up" "lo-ball" "chai-hai" Monster is the greatest liquid ever created in this world I love monster, best energy supplement ever
'rick'hey dawg where you get that monster?
'joe' from the store you want one?
'rick' yea!
'joe' hahaha just kidding
'rick' fuck you
by monsterwillneverdie July 10, 2008
The fucking ugliest fatest girl. Thinks people like her. Likes the biggest hick in school. And luckily cleans up well.
Jessica is a monster
by Monster hater February 21, 2005
a piece of shit that is over 9 inches in length and atleast 3 inches wide, or a piece of shit that weighs over 5.5 pounds (lbs.)
I just crapped out an absolute monster! I literally had the toilet bowl filled to the rim!
by weeble wobble January 14, 2005