the aids.
lashiwana got the monster from suckin too much cock....
by Lucas July 03, 2004
Counter-part to the "goalie;" one who will purposely distract unnattractive cockblockers so his/her friend(s) can get laid, even if it means taking home the target cockblock.
Guy 1 - "Dude, that chicks smokin' hot, but her ugly fat friend's a serious cockblock. I need a monster."
Guy 2 - " owe me big time for this."
by Rockaj1012 March 03, 2007
The fucking ugliest fatest girl. Thinks people like her. Likes the biggest hick in school. And luckily cleans up well.
Jessica is a monster
by Monster hater February 21, 2005
The thing under your bed.
There is a hideous, man-eating monster hiding under Timmy's bed.
by LlamaMama902 January 19, 2015
1. That boy is a monster. Mo-mo-mo-monster.

2. Kate drank a blue Monster at the party.

3. Mommy, check under the bed and in the closet for monsters.
by arianne! August 18, 2010
A potent, tasty, liquid concoction of caffeine, sugar or sugar substitutes, taurine among other strange and harder to pronounce substances. Often gives the drinker a rush of energy, and an all-around good feeling but leaves them with an epic crash. Comes in many great flavors including Khaos, Assault, locarb and even Java varieties. To some its addictive as crack.
Me:Dude that guy is all strung out on Monsters, I think that's his third one today.

John: Holy crap that is a big can.
Tim: Yeah its the BFC Monster...BFC get it?
John: Oooohhh, (chuckles).

by monsterluver March 29, 2009
The monster is a mythological being that only comes out in certian lectures and hooks up wif guys wif extremely low standards. On the average human male, she has the power to destroy any sexual fantasy or boners one may have. Hence, 'four seasons' have been able to make use of her powers to assist teenage boys in their everyday life by selling small pocket size fotos of her to carry round in their wallet to prevent the 'surprise erection'.
yesterday in maths, i saw leesa and i was wow underneath, so i had to pull out my monster card.
by Mel369 May 20, 2008

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