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A young female in her teen years (13-19) that portrays an image of innocence but behind closed doors performs nasty sex acts that you would not expect from such a nice young girl. (E.g., Anal sex, Deep throat, Ass to mouth, tea bagging, rim jobs, orgies, DP, etc.)
A monster is similar to a freak. The difference is in the age and how you expect her to act biased on her outside appearance.
-"What's up Joe, how was that date last night with that hot young librarian girl? I bet she was lame."
~"Bro you are not gonna believe it, I thought that she was a geek too but I brought her to dinner and then we went back to my place for a drink and before you know it she was letting me get hot in her ass! Man that girl is a monster!!"
by NightCapper March 01, 2006
126 71
Lady Gaga fans
Slutty little monsters love Lady Gaga.
by lilgagamonsterr February 02, 2010
67 18
A name Lady Gaga calls her fans.
Lady Gaga: "I want to thank all of my little monsters for their support"
by Ricky009 November 10, 2009
100 59
1. Big hairy thing that hides under your bed between the ages of 1 and 1O.
2. A popular energy drink made by mountain dew that pretty much gives you a headache the day after you drink it.
3. The nickname of SCLA Crip Kody Scott, who is now in San Quentin.
4. An unusually large penis.
5. An unusually large piece of shit.
6. A movie about a prostitute who kills men.
7. A slang term for the AIDS/HIV virus.
8. Anything huge; massive amounts of.
9. Awesome, cool, "beast."
1. "Daddy, I'm scared there's a monster under my bed."
2. "Man. That Monster was soo good. I'm about ready to go shoot some b-ball."
3. Kody Scott was once called a "monster" by the media, and the name stuck.
4. "Damn!! Have you seen Brody's MONSTER?!"
5. "Ah that was a monster."
6. "Have you seen the movie 'Monster?' It was horrible."
7. "Duude. Did you hear that Shafreeka has the monster?"
8. "That was a monster pool."
9. "The Saturday game was MONSTER, man." or "I'm monster at football, dude."


by blondette x love March 16, 2007
84 49
1) A scary creature
2) An ugly woman
3) A crap film about a ropey old killer lesbian
4) A large shit
5) A large penis
6) Anything large
"Daniel dropped his pants, it was a fucking monster!!"
by Baron Von Batwing January 15, 2005
56 41
Best Energy Drink out there, Light years ahead of Redbull.
Person 1: Damn this Monster is niceee.
Person 2: Damn gimme some of that!
by onemic September 07, 2006
46 33
An energy drink boys from middle school on will be addcited to.
girls are to starbucks as boys are to monster
by tikxtok June 04, 2010
18 7