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the epitome of all that is everything... ruggle is really just a way of expressing your feelings, and can be substituted for any word... although in some instances it can mean semen, and thereby the process of ejaculating.

also a game played with cups whereby you place the cup on it's side and spin it on the hope and aspiration that it lands upright...
Rob: I have the ruggles!
Erol: You ruggled all over that girl!
DJ: Wow, you're really good at ruggling man!
by eggrollthebest August 19, 2008
the act of being a complete tool and douchebag. a small clique in the army notorious for being asskissers and homosexuals.

their common phrases include:
"Army Pride" and "Too Easy"... sometimes used within one another.
Sid: Hey man I flipped that faggot's bed.
Toby: He's such a specialist post.
Sid: Yeah, complete fucking tool.
Snider: If he says Army Pride one more time, i'm gonna fucking kill him.
by eggrollthebest December 25, 2009
a person who temporarily separates from a significant other in order to develop a similar relationship with another.
That guy is a monster, I can't believe he did that to his wife.
by eggrollthebest June 24, 2016
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