a monobrow is a pair of eyebrows that have joined in the middle. also known as a "slug", "forehead tash" or a "furry snail".
OMG look at kris' huge monobrow nick! EWWWWW its disguisting aidan.
by uhgyifdibj February 05, 2010
An extremely crusty caterpillar across someones forehead. Usually formed because the person decided/couldn't get pluckers. Most commonly said people with monobrows are named Marco. Also monobrows are sometimes flared up on the sides.
Man! That crusty kid over there needs to stop flarin' his monobrow!
by Crusty Monochode January 31, 2011
Someone with only one eyebrow which covers both eyes.

This is not to be confused with Unibrow, as that is the actual eyebrow.
The source of the monobrow's uglyness could be traced back to the thick unibrow covering both of his eyes.
by Matt June 15, 2003
A large eyebrow which could be classed as a small forest
"James you really gotta sort out that eyebrow if you think sophie will go out with you!"
by Dom November 08, 2004
when one only has one eye brow, traditionally on the left. NOT when connected, thats a uni-brow.
we shaved that faggots right eyebrow, now he's got a mono brow
by del swennard April 03, 2009
large hair above eyes. its when both eyebrows join toghether to form one giant hairy monster. i highly recommend waxing to anyone that suffers from this cruel hair growth.(also known as a mostache in the wrong place)
My mother waxed her monobrow causing great pain and discomfort every time she blinked.
by belly bottom man April 26, 2003
steves mono brow like a small strip of the forest on his face or like a hairy worm has made home on his eye brows.he then shaves it off and expects nobody to notice.also see(barnet).
steve ,where the fuck has you catapiller gone of you face.
by smelly pig February 22, 2005

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