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A name given to someone who is:

-Extremly wierd
Tash, a girl who is random and unpredictable. You will never know what they will do next but they often have a bad habit, such as biting nails or putting anything in their mouth or drawing on themselves.
by x__tashh August 18, 2006
Origin: Ancient word for cool/awesum/rad.
Joey: Hey, I like that hat!
Frank: Haha I know, isn't it so Tash!?
Joey: Yeah man, thats like the only word I could use to describe it. Nothing could be more Tash than that, man.
Frank: Wurd.
by HomieT aka TashLoL March 28, 2005
Too Attractive Shit Hot. A separation program designator (SPD) used in unit diary in the Marine Corps for Marines who exemplify awesomeness.
Hey Sgt Torresmora, what code do we run for Dyer's drop?

T.A.S.H., he's a better Marine than me
by celicagt16 September 26, 2010
The straight up blackest G in da hood of Stoon, known for her great skill in bowstaff fighting, and shooting packs of wolverines with a frikin 12 guage. Oh, and she likes chapstick. Cuz she feels like it. GOSH!
If you vote for Tash, all of your wildest dreams will come true.
by TashLoL March 27, 2005
The art of placing your finger into your crack then rubbing your sweaty brown finger under an unsuspected friends nose leaving a tash mark, whilst shouting Tash as a victory call
Mate just got Paul a treat

What happened

Tashed him from behind, never saw it coming

Is that why he looks like he's snorted an onion whole

Didn't help that I've not washed my arse all week, left a nice brown fluffy tash
by Gorn September 20, 2016
Tash is when you engage in and completely destroy/own something, whether it be an argument, battle or game.
In a game of DOTA

Player One is battling Player Two

Player One: Im gonna kill you!

Player Two: You wish!

Guys from Player One's Team: Hey just Tash him!
by mnklp1 May 26, 2009
Often the name of someone who has Jamaican jerk chicken sauce around their mouth regularly. Tash's can be found in their natural habitats; the kitchen or their rooms. They have 20 metre ogre dicks and onion flavored cum. Tash's are government trained faggots sent out on the internet to explore the E.M.O Organizations.
"hey tash ily"
by JakeAys007 September 03, 2016
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