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A Daly is one of two things.

1) An insane student teacher who makes a boring class ballin'.

2) A male with a very hot girlfriend.

3) An absolute G who drives a Volkswagen.
"Did you see that daly over there? He was ballin, true story."

"That Mr. Daly is the best teacher ever."

"I wish I was a part of Daly Nation."
by DalyNation2010 May 04, 2010
A fabulous, beautiful girl with a rebellious but nerdy personality.
"dayummm look at that."
"Is that a Daly?"
"Damn right it's a Daly."
by MangoTangoDano November 04, 2013
A tall, tan colored guy with long brown hair who loves women that are wild and will do anything he asks for. A boyfriend that may only want sex. But isn't really great in bed himself.
Usually falls for girls who can send dirty pictures or get him hype. After he gets what he wants he will move on to the next girl who falls for him.
Man I wish my boyfriend was a Dalys!
by malyiashn November 12, 2010
A guy who always rallies Lazer in the sand box.
THat daly sur kicked Lazer's ass
by John January 09, 2005
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