A racial slur often targeted at members of the betailed Saiyan race. Saiyans find this offensive because it suggests their uncivilized nature, which non saiyans are expected to ignore. It should also be noted that, Saiyans do customarily refer to each other as Monkey, which when used in such a context, is a term of endearment.
"I can't believe I was defeated by a MONKEY!"
"Hey man, you hear that Monkey Kakarot just pwned Frieza?"
by babyfrieza December 01, 2011
British slang term £500 (Five Hundred Pounds). Invented in the 19th century when British solders occupying India used 500 rupee notes which had monkeys printed on them. The term was then converted into sterling as soldiers returned to their civilian lives.
Man1: How much you selling your car for?
Man2: I want a monkey for it.
by mogsog101 January 04, 2009
Toddlers, any and all children between the ages of crawling and 5. All kids this age are wiry, curious, funny and extremely active.
Mom: "What are my monkeys up to now?"

Mom: "stop climbing all over me/your brother/sister/the furniture/the walls, you little monkey"
by mamaO February 06, 2010
Referees to cops and how they always travel together like Monkeys!
Yoo lets hop the train! Chill the monkeys are right there!
by Alrx5091 May 30, 2013
From monkey's arse. A more polite way of saying that you don't give a fuck/shit. Often used on television programmes shown before nine.
Hollie: Ruddy Hell! You're such a muppit.
Tom: I don't give a monkey's what you think.
by Lalalaura July 19, 2005
An evil creature that inhabits ones closet.
There's an evil monkey in my closet.
by Eilidh May 10, 2004
mythical primates who arrive during a drinking session to deliver you to a state of being monkeyed.
1. In statement form: "monkeys were out in force last night, I was well and truly monkeyed"

2. In question form "Any monkeys to report of last night?"
by the_rorz August 05, 2009

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