1. Someone who is completely useless (insult)

2. An animal who swings around in trees

3. Slang for the vagina

1. "Steve, you are such a monkey!"

2. "Oooo, Did you see that monkey?"

3. "Apparently Stephanies got a tight monkey"
by Zack Jefferson November 03, 2007
racist slang for a black person
that fuckin' monkey!!
by naegling June 08, 2006
there are three groupings of simians; new world monkies, old world monkies and apes. a monkey is a simian that is not an ape. prosimians (lemurs, etc.) are not monkies either.

example species of monkies: spider monkey, macaques, baboons, marmosets, etc

example species of non-monkies: humans, chimpanzees, gibbon, lemur, gorilla, orangutang. etc.
monkey: thanks popular culture for making people think that chimpanzees (and other apes) are monkies.
by Phil the Pill September 07, 2006
An adorable primate that likes to goof around and play. They are very smart and like to imitate human behavior.
The monkey at the zoo did the same thing Ryan did.
by PF April 10, 2003
A term meaning "extremely cold" when referring to the weather, or general atmospheric temperature.
It's monkeys in here, turn up the heater.
by bopx is me November 28, 2010
1. Noun; Term used by white males to describe their penis, especially as it relates to masturbation.

2. Noun; Term used to describe someone who performs repetitive skills at a low-paying job. This person usually (but not always) doesn't realize they have the ability to choose and find another job. May be loyal to a fault and can or cannot have a family history of alcoholism or co-dependency. Not to be confused with intelligence, the person may have average or high intelligence but is stuck in a hopeless situation. Hope and freedom comes once the person realizes the freedom and power of choice.

3. Noun; Term used to describe a poorly skilled video game player who doesn't possess the ability to improve, even given experience. Not to be confused with noob as a noob is generally a new player who is clueless (and also poorly skilled) but who generally improves slightly over time.

4. Noun; Term used to describe someone who has high goals and personal expectations but a low skill level. Tends not to accept their own faults, failures, or personal shortcomings. Their self esteem is artificially manufactured based on this conscious "denial" of their faults and failures. They may have a positive attitude but this is just due to their unwillingness or inability to be introspective.
1. Man, did you see that hot blond with double D titties ? I'll be back in 5 mins...have to spank my monkey now.

2. After paying for groceries at the supermarket and the bagger didn't put one of the items in a plastic bag..."put the milk in a bag you monkey".

3. What did you do over the weekend ? "I played some COD MW2 online and kicked some monkey ass."

4. What ? Johnny thinks he can beat me at pool ? Hell no, he sucks...what a monkey.
by boomer323 June 21, 2010
Vice....Monkey refers to an addiction or compelling desire for a person, place or thing.
He's my Monkey. My Monkey is calling. My Monkey is on my back. My Monkey wants his way.
by It's a gig March 19, 2011

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