1. furry animals with loveable characters.

2. cockney term for £500
1. i was walking with my missus past the monkeys at London zoo, one of the bastards threw its own shite at us!!

2. "Fuckin' ell, just bought a Danny Marr for a monkey! Jubbly
by Joe April 14, 2004
cute cuddly
going to take over the world with bananas
get ready for the attack of the bananas and monkeys
by Lover of monkeys June 14, 2007
will be the ultimate ruler of the universe. they will come big sticks with spikes in them.
The monkeys are coming
by Mark Boniface May 24, 2004
The soon to be rulers of all mankind.
The monkeys will rise. The transformation begins.
by chocobo chaser February 01, 2005
1. term of endearrment. best when modified by a verb or adjective. can only be applied with love, when no other nick name will do.

2. someone who scampers about frequently.
love monkey; sex monkey; crazy monkey

that Dee Dee, she's such a monkey!
by agent99 December 15, 2002
Hella ups...Able to jump high
Damn you see how high he jump...He got monkeys!
by Dat one guy September 02, 2006
a animal that lives in trees and eats banana's
any of the pg tips actors are monkeys
by blazin hot real facts January 10, 2010

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