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When a girl is in love with another man's penis, until the point where it becomes so obvious and disgusting, for she does it in public. A peener feiner tags along his friends, nagging and teasing them. The peener feiner is usually not liked back.
Guy 1: why the hell is Janice following us around?
Guy 2: probably because she's peen feining Sam
by bb514 February 05, 2011
A jewish mosh pit.
Damn, the bar mitzvah boy's family went hard during the Hora. They tried to throw him off his damn chair!
by bb514 April 22, 2012
1. A slang word for vagina
2. A just above-the-anorexic border unattractive girl. Usually comes with a slight mustache and more facial and body hair than usual.
1. Man, i hit Janet's monkey hard last night
2. Dude, i saw the grossest thing ever.

- What?

- Kim raised her arm, and I saw all her armpit hair!!

- Ewww, she' such a monkey!
by bb514 March 10, 2011
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