Soon to be the ultimate rulers of the universe. Let it be known that they really are in charge, we only hold the illusion we are. Oftentimes mistaken for the origins of man and therefore subordinate, really, they control everything!
The monkeys are coming.
by Bob the Impaler March 10, 2003
One who holds a job that requires little or no intelligence and could basically be done by any of the lesser primates.
I hate being a supermarket monkey.
by Imus August 26, 2004
Today I want to talk about "Spanking the Monkey". The term is used as a euphemism for male masturbation. It is generally only used between close friends and not toward a person of authority. The history behind the phrase is a mystery, no one quite knows how it came to be. It does not have a direct relationship to the actual act. The phrase indicates that your penis is a monkey and that it has been very bad.
"Last night I spanked my monkey 8 times."

"If you keep spanking your monkey like that, you'll go blind and grow hair on your palms."
by Bob Homes March 03, 2006
George W Bush, our president.
That monkey has done it again! He raised our gas prices!
by >MuffinMan< December 03, 2006
To fool with something. To fix, tinker, mess with.
Stop monkeying around with that!
by monkiki February 24, 2005
Species linked closely to humanity. Left humans behind and moved to space. Earth monkeys still exist on earth because they are evil and were also left behind.. Earth monkeys want to kill us... Space monkeys will be our salvation
The Monkeys Are Coming
by Nickfromstrood August 26, 2006
A furry animal that shall soon be the rulers of the universe. They have big ears.
"They're coming man. The monkeys. They're coming for me!"
by Skiff December 31, 2003

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