to like something a lot, go crazy for it
Everyone was monkey for my new outfit.
My dogs go monkey when I offer them dog bones.
by mojukuro May 05, 2005
Monkey's near rhyming slang for skunk: strong marijuana buds.

Good monkey has little crystals of pollen falling from it. The pollen sticks to plastic, so you shouldn't really store it in baggies.
Got any monkey for tonight? I'm plenty ready for a smoke.
by dj_monged August 27, 2004
1. a man, a fellow(mildly contemptuous)

2. An energetic child.
"move it monkeys, move it"
by Light Joker July 30, 2004
A slang word sometimes used to refer to male genetalia. Not to be confused with "brass monkey" wich is an alcoholic beverage. They can however be used together.
Q: Hey man what are you gonna do tonight ?

A: I'm gonna go home get blitzed on some brass monkey then spank my ol' monkey.. Wanna Help ?
by Monkey Lover July 08, 2004
really really drunk. so drunk the personal usually does not remember the things they had done. usually a blackout period. they are so fuct up they have the wits of a monkey
Once again, Rob was monkey last nite.
by projectmcl June 26, 2004
Any face card in a game of black jack.
"After hitting an ace on the first card all he needed was a monkey for black jack."
by Brian May 03, 2004
*The common name for a species relating to chimpanzees.

*A racist slur toward a black person, or a person of african heritage.
"George W Bush is called a monkey just because of some of his facial expressions and the fact that his ears are stuck-out."

"That guy?! No way I ain't gonna give the victory that monkey!"
-a racist in Remember The Titans; something in that context

"Human beings are monkeys if you stop and think about it. Not just from a genetic perspective, but also because of how we act."
by Dave March 30, 2004
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