a smelly, hairy animal. Ugly people believe we evolved off them because the are mad couse they look like a monkey!
A baboon, the red assed monkeys that suck there thumb
by damian s October 18, 2007
1. (noun)friend
2. (noun)red orangutan BADUNKADUNK!
Tryna get to u and dat MONKEY!
by huh. September 09, 2006
Ugly as in a hat full of Monkey's Assholes.
She's monkey's as shit man.
by Slimo August 31, 2005
to like something a lot, go crazy for it
Everyone was monkey for my new outfit.
My dogs go monkey when I offer them dog bones.
by mojukuro May 05, 2005
He could go anywhere, including there, and there, and there, the only place he can't go is on the toilet.

also see Weebl and Bob
I am the monkey. I could go anywhere. Including here, and here, and here.
by DaChazman March 03, 2005
Monkey's near rhyming slang for skunk: strong marijuana buds.

Good monkey has little crystals of pollen falling from it. The pollen sticks to plastic, so you shouldn't really store it in baggies.
Got any monkey for tonight? I'm plenty ready for a smoke.
by dj_monged August 27, 2004
1. a man, a fellow(mildly contemptuous)

2. An energetic child.
"move it monkeys, move it"
by Light Joker July 30, 2004

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