1. Used to refer to a female's private parts
1. Brian told me that Chad likes to eat that monkey
2. Shake that monkey hoe (too short)
by Portia January 02, 2005
A primate. Often used in conjunction with ninjas or pirates to make something seem more original than it really is.
Hey, look at this, monkey pirates ninjas.

Youre so cool. Lets hug.
by James March 08, 2004
Noun; A derogatory term used to describe someone having a low skill level who cannot consciously improve his or her situation no matter how much effort is put forth. A monkey can have low, medium, or high intelligence but just does not have the ability to improve in any area of life.

Not to be confused with "loser"...the "monkey" cannot improve no matter what he/she does where as a "loser" typically has potential and can consciously improve based on effort but the "monkey" is doomed as if fate is working against the monkey. Usually wanders through life with little ambition and no direction due to poor parenting or other causes and most likely groups with losers and other outcasts.

Can be found in any profession or environment but typically found playing video games (multiplayer) and will blend in readily with other video game outcasts such as noobs, campers, etc.
What did you do over the weekend ?

"I played some call of duty MW2 online and kicked a bunch of monkey ass".
by boomer323 June 21, 2010
someone who has sub-human intelligence.
"Isn't it sad that we have two monkeys running for president right now?"
by SeanH October 05, 2004
A word used When ones train of thought is lost or one stops him self from saying something vulgar. It can be and often is replaced with one of three other animals.
These are
1. Cow
2. Chickens <= yes it must be plural
3. Turtles
Bill: So last night stacy and i were about to get it on and...
Bob: No way she is so hot!
(long silence)
Bob: So...You were saying...
Bill: Um...MONKEY

Dude your mom is Such a Bit...Monkey
by Teh H4><()R August 23, 2004
someone who is obviously on crystal meth or crank.
example: "I can tell he is monkey, you don't wanna date someone who is monkey"
by monkey free December 19, 2003
A crazy simian that tries every crappy dance on its mind and gets killed at the end.
That monkey stole my clothes and jumped down into an acid pool.
by Anonymous May 09, 2003

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