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Someone who has sex with sheep; either because they can't get a human partner, or because they dig animals TOO much!

A popular insult in rural areas; especially in Wiltshire.
Also often aimed at the Welsh.
Charlie: "Look at how those Welsh sheep shaggers stacked this cage!"
Mark: "Don't insult your own kind that way; just because they have more sheep to chose from than you".
by snoringsquid October 19, 2005
A great two-barrelled insult. Not only does it imply the "chicken fucker" is into beastiality, but it also implies they have a small penis!
Kevin: "Steve you sheep shagger!"
Steven: "Sheep shagger?! You chicken fucker!...
You fuck chickens because their cunts feel nice and loose to you!"
by snoringsquid October 19, 2005
Classic TV show. Featuring a Buddhist pilgrimage to return Holy scriptures from India back to China, always bothered by monsters and demons on the way.
A Japanese show based on a Chinese legend, and the young priest was played by a woman. His disciples were all animal spirits. Monkey, Pigsy, Sandy (a Kappa (a type of fish spirit), and Yu Lung was a horse, but used to be a dragon; though he would generally just be in horse form.)
The other three were similar to the Three Stooges, in that despite being good friends they were always fighting. VERY FUNNY SHOW!! WITH TERRIBLE EFFECTS THAT ADDED TO IT'S CHARM.
Tripataka:"Monkey, behave! We Buddhists don't kill!"
Monkey: "But he's a demon!!?"
Tripataka:"I said NO KILLING!"
Monkey:"You spoil all my fun!... Can't I just kill him a bit?"

Pigsy:"I do all the work"
Monkey:"You? You lazy swine!? Even Sandy does more than you!"
Sandy: "What's that supposed to mean?! I do as much as you, probably more!"
Monkey:"Is that right, eh? Then who killed all those monsters back there, eh?"
Sandy:"I'm a philosopher!"
Monkey: "Then I guess your philosophy in life is to stand back and let me do all the work, Mmmm Fishface?!"
Pigsy: "They're going to fiiight!"
Monkey:"Stay out of this Hogbrain! Or I'll fight you both... With one arm behind my back!...And I won't even break a sweat."
by snoringsquid September 03, 2005

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