Gush is a perfect example of a monkey. Should of been taken back to the zoo a long time ago.
Half evolved species, likes to eat chutney and loves Machool. (A terrorist bomb)
Oh fuck, it's Gush. Stupid monkey, take him back to the zoo.
by Law. March 16, 2005
A small swinging creature, often misplaced.
"I've lost my monkey"
"don't worry he'll turn up"
by jim February 25, 2005
Generic term for any person. Usually, but not always, used as a mild insult.
Hey, you! Monkey! Get over here!
by EtB July 12, 2004
creature used as a metaphor for busy thoughts that scamper, usually in large groups, through the jungle that is your brain.
Man, couldn't sleep last night - monkies were running through the trees!
by Mark May 20, 2004
500 of our finest English Pounds for one frequenting the London area...
Ere you faahckin nonce you owe me a monkey
by Frosty Jack March 18, 2004
Drunkn Munky2 is a ugly motha fucka. - Lex Luthor
Drunkn Munky2 is ugly.
by Steve Wayne July 27, 2003
slang for the male genitalia, i.e. penis, especially in context of masturbation "choke the monkey," "spank the monkey" or "beat the cheeky monkey." Also see "dirty monkey." "The dirty monkey shall have his way," means "a hard dick must be satisfied."
"Skeeter couldn't get laid so he had to spank the monkey."

"The lion (condom) broke, the monkey get choked, red, red wine." -- Red Red Wine UB40
by ANDREW OF AMERICA July 19, 2010

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