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A Morman Ho, also see Carly Kendrick
That girl is the biggest MoHo!
by Jack November 12, 2004
50 54
A girl who attends Mount Holyoke College in Western Mass.
She was a rowdy MoHo.
by Lucy February 15, 2005
126 65
Student at Mount Holyoke College (in South Hadley, Massachusetts)
A Mount Holyoke woman can refer to herself as a "moho".
by the moho April 10, 2005
82 55
the maid of honor, but a ho.
bridezilla: "you're going to be my moho!"

the moho: "thanks bitchh"
by the B-C dictionary (C) January 20, 2009
58 34
A chick that hangs out with all her homosexual friends on a regular basis. Similar to a Fag Hag but classier.
The boys are going out in the gayborhood tonight with our Mo Hos in tow.
by Lindz888 August 24, 2009
15 6
People that become sexually aroused by a moustache.
That girl in accounts is such a MoHo, she was all over me and my moustache last night.
by Left Back November 23, 2008
17 13
A name for someone that both identifies as a Mormon and a homosexual--the shortened version being "moho."
"I think Chris might be gay."
"But isn't he Mormon?"
"Yeah, a total Moho!"
by Washingtonguy July 06, 2013
3 0
An extremely hot guy/girl that has money and hoes in different area codes.
They know the best way to get in your pants and can sweet talk their way into anyones heart.
Gender is not usually an issue.
Girl - "Wow, he's such a MoHo."
Guy - "Yeah I know, I did him last night."
by retreoow-monster August 16, 2010
8 5