Mo-Ho is a new synonym for Fag Hag and Fruit Fly and is gaining popularity within gay/gay-friendly communities.

Mo is short for Homo
Ho is...well...ho

It is common for females to dislike being referred to as a Fag Hag because typically Hags are old, ugly, and wrinkly. Fruit Fly is also disliked at times as it is homonymous with insects of the drosophila genus (i.e. drosophila melanogaster)
Anna - God,'re such a fag hag!
Rachel - I am not a hag! I am a moho. Get it right, tool!
by Annamae July 01, 2007
someone who doesn't know the meaning of a word but pretends to know anyway. Lick my balls.
I do too know what a moho is and I'm not telling you.
by bread infection November 10, 2005
Co-workers or friends who spend 50% of their work or social time taking calls from, or sext messaging
boyfriends, girlfriends, hook ups, or various others they are flirting with.

Also may be co-workers who take excessive cell phone calls from family members.
1. Have you noticed how many people have turned into MoHo's at work, they are sexting bf's constantly?

2. He is such a MoHo playa scamzord sext messaging multiple women trying to get some textual booty.
by tenzen January 02, 2009
comes from the term 'mother hucker'
A friendly/incredibly harsh insult. Not to be confused with mofo
"We made it mohos"
"shut up, MOHO"
by bercival June 21, 2005
The nickname given to me by Lauren when she thought I was called Tom Moholand, as opposed to Peter Mulholland. Means me to be honest. AND NOTHING TO DO WITH BEING GAY!!!
Alrite Moho... (Kinda obvious really.)
by Peter Mulhooland A.K.A: Moho February 10, 2005
1)A word used when no other slang term shoud suffice.
2)The ultimate insult that has no meaning and should not be explained.
1)Your such a hairy moho.
2)Only you could be such a moho.
by Gumm January 03, 2004
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