a motel whore
u must me a mo ho!
by Jessica L. April 23, 2003
A heterosexual female who spends most of her time in the company of gay men. Most of her friends are gay men, and her parties usually consist of her, maybe one other straight girl, and hundreds of gay men. See fag hag.
"She's such a 'mo ho, I don't even think she knows any straight guys."
by samho September 06, 2007
a name for some one penis
"omg she kicked me in mo ho"
by BaBiIlOvEYoU July 06, 2009
Moho is a name for a fat ass cow who is hungry enough to eat human babies.
Girl: We were at dinner and he ate like two hams by himself!

Other Girl: What a moho!
by ChickaDEEDEE May 17, 2010
A girl or guy who happens to be of the Morraccan descent who is a ho.
Did you see Alyssa with all those guys? Look at that moho!
by Tahtianaja April 29, 2010
A resident of Missouri Suite at Cottey College in Missouri
You remember Dawn; she was a Moho in 1999.
by lucy March 30, 2005
a compound of mofo(muthfucker) and hoe.
Did you see that dirty poopy stain on her panties yesterday? Yea! I sniffed it!!!! WOW! Your a moho!
by ryan pham February 02, 2008

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