Top Definition
Best boyfriend in the world. Best love you can have
I love Kendrick so much
by noodleneck February 04, 2010
kendrick a nice and caring man, handsome and kind, great in lover and easy to fall in love with.
that kendrick is awesome

girl he wore me out

on a scale 1 to 10 he is a 7 ok maybe a 8
by canibone February 03, 2010
The best friend. Known by heavy k or special k by friends.
Who's that kid over there?

Thats Kendrick, my best friend!
by ohheytheree26 April 19, 2011
The best loving man anyone can have. He is sweet and funny but he is too prude. When it comes to school he slacks off and is late all the time. You cant trust him with anything and he declines every offer you give him. DO NOT TRUST KENDRICK EVER!!
I cant believe Kendrick was late to class and tried to blame me for not doing his project
by DirtyBomb October 13, 2014
the act of committing suicide when overwhelmed
I couldn't writing my finals for math so i pulled a "Kendrick"
by lamarz November 30, 2013

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