An abbreviated term for "modern contemporary". Usually refers to design of that particular style.
That moco lamp over there is SO last season.
by Easy-N August 15, 2004
County that runs America. County run by B-CC. B-CC greatest class of all time 2002 bitch. Made up of kids from North and South county. Most kids from this area spend their time getting twisted at keg parties on snow days and drinking Miluakees Best all summmer long.There hobbies probably include ballin at candycane and playing tonk. Two rules apply in this county if you go to or play in a high school sporting event you must be drunk.#2 We drink till we puke. IF you're ever in the area and need a place to get booz check out Mayfair on Georgia. Or if you ever wanna get your ass whiped come find the B-CC class of 2002 bitch. If you're from MOCO you know us and
we probably either fucked your girlfriend or sister.
Soccersam: Lets get Keg
Jewy: Lets get 5
Hitch: and some green
Bdiddy: and some very young girls.
Tremoney: and lets bring it to that sophmores house whose parents are out of town.
Jewpac: and lets rob that mother fucker
by Jewpac March 25, 2004
County run by Springbrook, so please don't hate
Daaammnn! Springbrook got Blake, BCC, Churchill, AND Whitman on their knees beggin for more?
by bossplaya April 13, 2005
A county that may be richer but wishes they were as cool as hoco. And stop calling your gay asses moco its our word. moco can kiss my ass. hoco is the reall shitt
moco person- wow things just got a lot fucking sweeter here.
hoco- thats because youve entered hoco dumbass
moco- ooooo right.
by hoco nukkas July 12, 2006
The best county in the world! Where Blake H.S is the ruler of this shit town and fuck all u Sherweed plp out there who think there all cool!
Blake rules this MoCo so FU!!!
by yea October 23, 2004
MoCo is an attempt by the citizens of montgomery county to better themselves by emulating the James Rouse inspired utopia known as Howard County. Howard County has long had the implied copyright on *Co abbreviations, and therefore MoCo, as a term, as well as an abbreviation is truly an abomination of all that is Maryland in Spirit.
Montgomery County Resident: What up, im from moco.

*Resident is beaten and gangraped by representatives of neighboring counties*
by HoCo December 08, 2004
The county where Churchill rules over all, and where every other school talks trash cuz there jealous
Other school: Ew, those churchill kids are SO not cool
Churchill kids: Dont hate cuz we have what you dont, we know you hate because you wish you could be like us
by MoCoModel January 06, 2005
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