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MoCo's = Morning Cocktails
Usually, MoCo's are done before tailgating.
You wake up really early on a Saturday and simply start drinking. They work as a good pregame before the tailgates, which often only have bad beer to be used to maintain your drunkenness.

If you're a girl, you can also call it Morning Cocks.
Annoucement: MoCo's are at 8 am at our house, followed by a walk to the buses to the game, where we have tailgates all set up with burgers and Natty.
by caust1c November 29, 2010
A game created on in the warm sultry air of April on a Friday afternoon between bored college kids on a variety of intoxicates that involves the regular rules of dodgeball, in a one way street (Parked cars can be used as cover). Using Wall Street Journals wrapped in a rubber band, and any random garbage that exists on the street, the contestants throw such items at each other. Losers drink a shot of a predefined beverage containing alcohol. Best if everyone is over 21. (18015)
Player 1 (blue team): OHHHH you're out bitch!
Player 2 (red team): ARGH, I'm way too drunk to be good at dodgepaper.

Player 3 (red team): DUDE CAR!
by caust1c April 02, 2010
MoSex = Morning Sex
Wake up, realize there's someone next to you, and have some sex. Always nice because a) you can see your partner, b) you're not trashed (see whiskey dick) and c) to waste the opportunity of morning sex is a crime against humanity.
So I banged her twice last night, then we PTFO. Upon waking upon with morning wood, we started making out which led to some awesome MoSex. She won't forget that.
by caust1c November 30, 2010
Whenever you use Facebook or a similar site to stalk someone, and then use that information in a conversation with them online(AIM). Or use it to call them out on it.
Your birthday is next week right? -btw stalkz

hey, how'd u know that?
by caust1c December 17, 2008
When you drink an entire Four Loko and a Forty (preferably with 8.0+ %) at the same time. Can be taped to your hands in a similar fashion as Edward Fortyhands, but you may die. It's an error because you will pass out, you will say and do stupid shit, and you'll wake up at 6 am and post a description of what happened to you. I can't wait to see the pictures...

Also Error 404 happens when a server can't find the picture it's looking up, and you'll wish it happened to every picture taken of you. 40 + 4 Loko = Error 404
Yo let's go pregame the volleyball game.
*buys lemon lime four loko and 9.1% CAMO silver ice 40 for 6.75$*
*doesn't go to the volleyball game*
*pukes a little bit*
*hits leg on something*
*goes to bed really early*
*saran wrapped legs*
*shoes in bed*
Basically, uber drunkenness.
OMFG, that Error 404 was not a good idea, I missed wayyyy too many parties.
by caust1c October 30, 2010
To Friend Request someone on Facebook. Usually goes along with getting a full name.

Facebook needs a verb. It's annoying to say "Oh, I'll just Facebook you." Instead of using 'facebook' as the verb, use feebie instead. Comes from saying fb online, but instead of saying effbee, say feebie instead.
"Let me just get your name so I can feebie you"
"I feebied this girl in my class yesterday, she's so hot"

Between friends: "Just feebie me later about when the party is"
by caust1c June 18, 2010
'damn straight fool'
-use primarily on AIM
could also be just
damn straight foo'
as in something someone said is right or correct.
-Yo, you hooked up with that hot chick last night right, man?
by caust1c December 17, 2008

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