Someone who constantly makes excuses as to why he can't go do shit with his homies. Basically a Man bitch
Hince the name
Homie-"Dude lets go sky diving!"
Mitch-"ah man idk I gotta do laundry and feed my fish"
Homie- "damn, don't me such a Mitch"
by The guy with awesome words April 28, 2014
Doing a 'mitch' is the act of sniping on someones love interest.
Person 1: I really like this guy.
Person 2: Aw that is cool.
Shortly followed by person 2 making a move on the guy...thus doing a mitch.
by Mitchieboo101 September 15, 2013
1. A person who forgets recent information learned.

2. A person who might have short term memory loss

3. A person who says something really, really stupid.
"The Canucks won the Cup right?" "No mitch."

"Wait, so your saying Lebron got traded to Cleveland?" "Mitch! C'mon!"

"I know for a fact Reba has always been a woman." "Do I even have to call you a Mitch for that one?"
by branch666 April 30, 2012
The strangest boy walking down the street. He lives with his best friend and spends most of his time as an asshole. he tends to be proud of this fact and is very upfront about it. he comes across as someone who's made bad choices but he's doing what he can to make better ones. he has this girl and she doesnt deserve him at all. he has his moments when he's the nicest person you'll ever meet. it's these moments that makes his girl smile. he wakes her up and says good night. he's genuine and outspoken. very fun, funky, and humorous. sometimes he sports glitter but thats okay, his gf did it. over all, Mitch is a good guy and people tend to over look it. if you see a Mitch, he's worth getting to know.
Girl 1: Hey who's that guy...?
Girl 2: Oh that's Mitch. he's adorable. you'll love him.
by the little mermaid 42195 January 13, 2012
A hybrid of the words man and bitch is used to describe a manly dude who is also sensitive. Unlike a metro sexual a Mitch retains his masculinity by having an unkempt facial hair situation, and sometimes wears flannel but is also artistic and in touch with his deep inner feelings. The Mitch retains his dude ness by not talking about these feelings and refuses to wash his dirty face. He is sexually liberated, he is a feminist, an artist, and either owns one or one hundred pairs of shoes.
That Mitch smells like dirt but speeks like a college professor, did you see him save that baby bird while we were out hunting elk?
by Audy6 October 02, 2013
The male form of a female dog!
Hey Ryan stop being a mitch! We're here to drink!
by soundfreak5488 July 20, 2014
A man who consistently acts like a bitch and partakes in bitch-ish activities and one who has a bitch-ish personality.
The mitch would not stop complaining and whining when he was excluded from an activity with his friends.
by Iknowitallmitch June 19, 2014
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