Man - Bitch
GuyA: Dude...sophia is such a mitch

GuyB: But she's a girl?

GuyA: No.. she's not..shes a man..and a bitch.. therefore, a mitch.
by Superssssss! May 31, 2010
Tends to go for flabby women and with a low iq. Is usually an accountant, and name usually been with 'K' generally attracted to women with a large bra size.
booty mitch kirsty boyfriend i dont know why i am doin this
by asdfghjklpoiuytkqwerty January 12, 2011
(verb)- to following, esp. due to a complete lack of leadership abilities.
Boy 1: "For FUCK'S sake Greg, can you please get some charisma and stop mitching us?"

Leader: "Seriously, man. Where's your leadership abilities?"
by MightyCrossbow October 17, 2010
In addition to being a towel, Mitch has a HUGE cock.
Hey did you see that towel? He's hung like a Mitch!
by laurabuggggg October 28, 2008
A really sweet guy that will be with you through thick and thin no matter what...if you are lucky enough to be one of the few people he cares about.
Jill: You looked really stressed out last night, you ok?

Lisa: Yeah, i was.. I'm OK now though! I called Greg and we went out for coffee. he -

Jill: Say no more. You're lucky to have him as your boyfriend, total mitch he is.
by Kgame43 February 07, 2010
to hog something. doesnt share.
Quit mitchin the bong.
by Anonymous768007 June 24, 2010
black way of saying you male bitch
get out my face you ugly mitch!
by FUDDGGYY November 05, 2008

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