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A mild way of calling someone a bitch often without them knowing that they're being calling a bitch. ie; Is that you Mitch? or is your name Mitch?
Hey Mitch! Is that you Mitch? Where have you been Mitch? Don't be a Mitch! Don't Mitch out on us. Stop being a little Mitch. Life is a you Mitch.
by Capt Jack Fingerbanger June 30, 2010
A man who stays home and cooks, cleans and generally takes care of the house while his wife is at work. To put it simply, a man-bitch.
Kelsey: "Wow, Denise, your house looks amazing, so nice and clean. How do you manage it with your busy job?"

Denise: "Jake takes care of it. He is a handy mitch to have around."
by Soxy Lady April 06, 2011
Male Bitch.

A man who acts as if he has no nuts. Just like a contentious woman who constantly causes problems and messes up everyone's good time and inner peace. Mostly because they are bored or didn't get what they wanted.
Damn this guy being a mitch because I stood up for myself and brought him down to our level. He keeps yelling louder then me when I try to talk and trying to get me disliked.
by Man Power June 15, 2009
A mean selfish man, sometimes compared to Scrooge. He also prides himself on denying his friends from seeing him and likes to take other's sayings.
Mitch is being a Scrooge and won't come see me.
by Emmm Lawren December 17, 2010
1:an unpleasant short thing to look at
2:a type of midget and/or succubus

3:my bitch
1 & 2:me:oh my god,she's so short and scary,it's unpleasant just to look at her

danny:yeah i know..she's total mitch

3:john:nice girlfriend you got there dude

nick: yeah i know,she's a mitch:my bitch
by jammy say this shit May 03, 2010
Mitch, commonly known as a sugar stealing faggot or a Man Bitch.
Mitch, why did you steal the sugar, you sugar stealing faggot!!
by Moorley October 14, 2010
Man - Bitch
GuyA: Dude...sophia is such a mitch

GuyB: But she's a girl?

GuyA: No.. she's not..shes a man..and a bitch.. therefore, a mitch.
by Superssssss! May 31, 2010