short for "man bitch". An extremely moody (or bitchy) man.
girl: so what is your friend being all pissy for?
boy: oh, he's just being a mitch
by jamminguitarist February 02, 2010
A unit of measure which equates to 5 feet and four inches, or 64 inches.
Jon is about 1 and 1/8 Mitchs tall.
by sturmiscool September 29, 2011
When a guy ejaculates into an others ear .
Person 1: I totally mitched her last night , dude .
Person 2: Damn , that's sweet . I wish my girlfriend would let me mitch her .
by BnizzleRawrgerz September 17, 2010
To not attend school/work. Originated in the SouthWest of England.
I am going to mitch off work today.
by Big OJM November 25, 2010
A mild way of calling someone a bitch often without them knowing that they're being calling a bitch. ie; Is that you Mitch? or is your name Mitch?
Hey Mitch! Is that you Mitch? Where have you been Mitch? Don't be a Mitch! Don't Mitch out on us. Stop being a little Mitch. Life is a you Mitch.
by Capt Jack Fingerbanger June 30, 2010
Male Bitch.

A man who acts as if he has no nuts. Just like a contentious woman who constantly causes problems and messes up everyone's good time and inner peace. Mostly because they are bored or didn't get what they wanted.
Damn this guy being a mitch because I stood up for myself and brought him down to our level. He keeps yelling louder then me when I try to talk and trying to get me disliked.
by Man Power June 15, 2009
A man who stays home and cooks, cleans and generally takes care of the house while his wife is at work. To put it simply, a man-bitch.
Kelsey: "Wow, Denise, your house looks amazing, so nice and clean. How do you manage it with your busy job?"

Denise: "Jake takes care of it. He is a handy mitch to have around."
by Soxy Lady April 06, 2011

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