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A white person who loves to date black people.
Skip is down with the brown yo! Once he went black he never went back.
by beautylicious April 23, 2005
168 74
a white person that is attracted to black people
the bald eagle is down with the brown.
by puffdaddy52542 October 06, 2011
21 13
The notion that a person is willing to receive or give brutal anal sex with either a male or female partner.
Nicola is totally down with the brown. She LOVES it!!!
by Gordanis May 02, 2008
70 81
When a person accepts or agrees with whatever is being propositioned by another person.
Question: "Hey do you like blue sweaters?"
Answer: "Yee I'm down with the brown"
by crckhedmgee April 01, 2009
13 52