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Groups of people of which there are too many at my water park.
There are too many minorities at my water park.
The lazy river has never been lazier.
by Cartman, Eric December 09, 2009
An ethnic, racial, religious, or other group having a distinctive presence within a society.
A group having little power or representation relative to other groups within a society.
A member of one of these groups.
Or for you narrow-minded idiots who think it is nothing but a song, a Green Day song.
Idiot: OMGZ!!!11111 Mimority is a green day song.
Me: No, it is An ethnic, racial, religious, or other group having a distinctive presence within a society, you idiot.
by Cheyenne. Yup. June 10, 2005
Minority: I think that 'minority' is the lesser part of society that just, basically, sits on the back burner, rejected from society. Being individualistic and rebellious to an extent. Not taking too much crap from people. Being apart of the minority puts you at the bottom. But don't bum out about it: The minority is more favorable. Trust me.
" 'Miority' is about being an individual. It's like you have to sift throught the darkness to find your place and be that individual you want to be your entire life."
---Billie Joe Armstrong, Lead Singer of Green Day

Minority isn't just a Green Day song, no. But they did put a nice tag on it.
by Rhiddel Anonomous February 23, 2006
anyone who thinks they deserve whatever the hell they want.
green day is annoying.
boss= you're fired because you raped the secretary.

and somehow employee will win the minority abuse lawsuit.
by kccc=] August 11, 2007
Of or relating to Hispanics and Blacks, esp in the media. Many times use of the word "minority" will exclude Asians; when in reference to university populations esp in California Asians will often be referred to as "minority-majority."
Minority test scores are continually falling.
by MofoMcCheese October 29, 2010
Anyone who is not white. Even if whites are technically "the minority" in a country that is mostly another race, the non-whites are still called "minorities", because that's what minorities are!
"I went to Mexico over the summer, there were so many minorities there!! I think I was the only one there that wasn't a minority!"

"Excuse me sir, what race are you?"
"I'm a minority"
by Diarrhea Drinker September 04, 2011
The collective noun for a gathering of Glasgow Rangers supporters/Huns.
Press releases states: A minority of rangers fans sung the banned sectarian anthem the billy boys at Ibrox on Sunday.

What this actually means: The huns were caught singing sectarian songs and we're trying to limit the damage by saying it was only a few bigots that were singing this; when really it was nearly the entire stadium.
by bfdch May 03, 2011
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