white colored people.
The only remaining minority is "white people".
by "Cracker" Jack January 04, 2006
an awesome song by Green Day (which somehow manages to fit in an harmonica part)
i want to be the minority
i dont need your authority
down with the moral majority
'cause i want to be the minority
by T masta H May 13, 2005
The song that really signify punk itself by the greatest Punk band ever.. Green Day. (It even comes in with a harmonica that somehow fits in with the song). It's a song about individuality and wanted to be the different from others
Girl : Have you heard Fall Out Boy.. They are really punk right..

Guy : F**k you.. The real punk is Green Day. You should have listen to Minority if you want punk
by -Crow- November 03, 2006
an awesome band from dallas!!!! with a supa hot dude named joel!
its so awesome! it is! and its from dallas too, which makes it even more awesome!
by freckleschic09 February 22, 2005
an awesome green day song that is true punk, yet somehow manages to use a harmonica throughout the song (so cool!); the song is about as punk as you can get- it tells about individuality, going against society/authority, and hating conformity
I wanna be the minority,
I don't need your authority,
Down with the moral majority,
Cause I wanna be the minority
by GreenDayIsTheBest April 16, 2004
A super duper awesome band from plano,tx that kicks ass. This band consists of: Kenny(Guitar), Kyle Midgley(Bass), Joel(Lead vocals), and Alec(Drums).
MINORITY Rox my Sox and U cant do anythang 'bout it biznitch!
by To the woah May 10, 2005

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