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Taken from J.K Rowling's award-winning books "Harry Potter", Draco Malfoy is the archnemesis of the main character, Harry Potter and his two best friends, Ronald Weasely and Hermione Granger.
Best known for being the "insufferable git" of both the books and films, he is one of the more "evil" characters and is able to maintain his position in many different situations. In latin, "Draco" is "dragon" or "serpent" and the root of his last name "Mal foi" is "badly faith" in french. Therefore, you can draw the conclusion that his name means "Dragon/Serpent bad faith" or "Badly Faith(ed) serpent/dragon".
Draco Malfoy is portrayed in fanfiction as either Harry Potter's/Hermione Granger's/Ronald Weasely's/Ginny Weasely's/various other characters' lovers. This is not "canon", nor is it probable, though it may be possible. His homosexuality/bisexuality/bicuriousity is hinted at in many fanfictions and role-playing threads.
In all actuality, D.M is one of the most developed characters in the Potter-verse because many do not feel the need to say "is this what he will do?" But one of the more difficult characters to write because of his development.
In the Films, He is portrayed by Tom Felton.
Person1: Draco Malfoy is my favourite character.
Person2: He IS one of the most developed characters in the series, yes?
Person1: Yes he is. I also find the "bad guys" quite intruiging.
by Cat May 27, 2004
also a name for a machine gun
Damn near got killed by a man with a TOMMY Gun
by cat December 17, 2003
Meaning: Damn sexy Finnish god
the fact that we all want him
by cat December 08, 2004
Sweet Briar is a small, all-women's liberal arts school that is about doing it all: playing a varsity sport, holding a leadership position in ten different clubs, having a boyfriend, having three campus jobs, and earning an amazing GPA, all while wearing pearls and a pink bow in your hair.
VMI and Hampden Sydney boys may date girls from Randolph Macon Women's College and Hollins but they marry Sweet Briar girls because, they're quality.
by Cat October 13, 2004
Beautiful, pretty, attractive.
e.g. she's a braw lass! (meaning: she's a beautiful girl)
by Cat October 05, 2004
1: One who is under the age of eighteen. the government put this into place to hopefully stop teenage pregnancy, teenage drinking, and to stop people over the age of 18 from being with the so-called "minor" even if it is consensual to both parties.

2: small; smaller. Not as important.
1: "Dude, that is so fucked up! I've been going with this guy for three years then he turns 18 four months ahead of me, and the police arrested him. that is so fecking stupid!"

2: "I'm majoring in law and minoring in child development at university. what are yours?"
by cat June 22, 2004
Deriving from a horney little boy named Cole. Any common acts that are twisted to mean something sexual, such as sitting on a lap would be a "cole-ism" if it were to mean more than just sitting down, or if you were to give a hug that is more squeezing and feeling than a normal hug would be a "cole-ism"
*a hot girl looking around to sit somewhere*
Boy: "Here, you can sit in my lap." (what he's really thinking... you can sit in my lap because you're really f*ing hot and i'll get a boner if you sit on me. PLEASE sit on my lap!)
by cat November 07, 2004

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