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Function: verb
Inflected forms: miggled, miggling
Etymology: Modern English decontraction of MGL (Milpitas Golfland), a video game arcade in Milpitas, CA, US.

Intransitive senses:

1 : (M~) to go play at Milpitas Golfland

2 : to have fun at a video game arcade, often in a social setting with friends and other people
``Are you gonna Miggle tonight?''

``Oh, come on, you should come miggle with us some time, and beat Cynan's ass at Soul Caliber 2.''
by Eugene M. Kim January 24, 2004
A slang word for any joke black singing group. Probably came from the black Wiggles (the popular young children's band). Is thought to have stemmed from a small African child named Mig G_____. The first Miggles were really good. They wore different colored polos with Mig's face on them.

In context, can be used to make fun of terrible rappers (such as DJ Techrosity).
Terrible TJ "We crank dat justice league..."
Random guy whispers to friend "Man, those some Miggles".
Other friend "Sike! He's not nearly good enough to be a Miggle."
by Mig_lover September 20, 2011
To moan whilst giggling
<tiggy>Hi Ralph
<Ralph> Hey Hoover care to suck start my Harley?
*tiggy moangiggles
<Ralph> What an epic miggle!
by Birday November 13, 2008
Messing around, just joking...
"My friend kept telling me my sock was I told him don't miggle around, let's be serious"
by WHITE JEEEEEEEEEZUS December 06, 2009
The act of when a fully grown man giggles uncontrollably like a giddy little school girl.
Did you see Chad at work today? Ya he winked at me and i miggled.
by Racist Jay and the Boys February 25, 2011
The girl in the middle, causing tension or as distraction between a couple making their relationship difficult
Gosh Holly, leave Janet with Brad..dont you be the miggle!
by Koovert June 06, 2011
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