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2 definitions by Mig_lover

A slang word for any joke black singing group. Probably came from the black Wiggles (the popular young children's band). Is thought to have stemmed from a small African child named Mig G_____. The first Miggles were really good. They wore different colored polos with Mig's face on them.

In context, can be used to make fun of terrible rappers (such as DJ Techrosity).
Terrible TJ "We crank dat justice league..."
Random guy whispers to friend "Man, those some Miggles".
Other friend "Sike! He's not nearly good enough to be a Miggle."
by Mig_lover September 20, 2011
29 10
A small African American child.

Most Migs play basketball.

It is a more politically correct term for ni__er.

One distinction between a Mig and a Nig is that a Mig generally has extremely small and skinny limbs, although both are generally good at sports.
Damn the negro skinney.
Yea, son, what a Mig.
by Mig_lover September 20, 2011
34 21