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1.) (v.) Ruined in a material sense, screwed over.

2.) (v.) intercourse.

3.) (adj.) Extremely drunk

4.) (v.) To get drunk, The action of becoming intoxicated.

Cobble-shlopped, Cobble-shlopping, Cobble-shloppingly
1.) I'm cobble-shlopped, I lost all my money from the bet!

2.) I heard they cobble-shlopped all night.

3.) He was so cobble-shlopped after the party.

4.) We are all going to the bar for Cobble-shlopping!
by BananaMonkey123 February 22, 2008
A word mixing the common insults; dick, dork, and jerk together. A derk is usually used to describe an annoying or agitating person/place/thing.
That guy is such a derk.

It was like walking into Derksville.
by BananaMonkey123 February 22, 2008
An object onto which affection is displayed, usually something cute.

Other uses: Miggled(v.), Miggly(adv.), Migs(n.)
Aww, that cat is such a miggles.
by BananaMonkey123 February 22, 2008
(noun, can be used as an adjective)
A character from the horribly drawn and weakly written anime of Inuyasha. Most negative comments about her are downplayed by the idiotic fans of the series, who are unable to see the logic in why so many people hate her and other characters like her. Kagome idolizes the ancient perversion that Japanese history has towards woman and small children. The cartoon is convoluted by the way the story never progresses and the characters always have new traits added to them, making them shallow and uninteresting. Japan, Anime, and Manga(mohn-gah not main-gah) all have their perks, but characters like Kagome destroy the artistry of the genre.
(adjective) She's always being defeated, she can't do anything, what a Kagome.

(noun) Kagome is THE most horrible character in Anime.
by BananaMonkey123 February 22, 2008

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