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Term of endearment, typically addressed to males.
Only for my booba. Booba sweetness.
by T-Dog January 06, 2005
A term of endearment associated with someone you love very much.
Shane's mom often calls her fans booba when she tweets them.
by balls2u January 07, 2012
A word that fat buck-teethed Japanese people use to refer to breasts.
Man, I just sucked on some saggy boobas!
by Stuhl Babe April 07, 2004
An individual of Dutch origin from the northern Lehigh Valley community of Lehighton, Pennsylvania
Larry: "Throw the cow over the fence some hay"
Chris: "Don't talk like such a booba"
by Carbon Lehigh March 04, 2012
a person who is fucked up in the head and dont know what to do in sex
by princess walker April 04, 2010
Because Octopus' or babies attack!
A NJ thing, where people scream booba to make conversation, or get attention.
Mike: "So as I was saying.."
Amber: "BOOBA!"
Mike: "what?"
Amber: "Yea"
by secretcreeper August 05, 2011
Something that is orgastic!
Ill give you a booba if you show me your propina.
by Singarama88 May 17, 2008