A common mistake where hispanics who aren't fluent in English use the word "Men" instead of Man.
Whats up men?
by Leonthelion October 16, 2010
MEN stands for, My Enormous Nigger
yo u see tht black guy hes MEN
by taytaykilla July 30, 2009
people with a penis.
Johnny: Now I know what a men are.
Steve: Yes you do Johnny.
by browngirlsdonttakebs July 03, 2009
can't live with em, can't live without em
"Men suck, don't you think, {insert most wasted friend's name here}?"
by bethany March 19, 2005
What some non english speaking people refer to others in online games, even if they're speaking to a woman, or to one person.
I finally made it to level 60 men!
by 4t3h1u1z January 08, 2010
Yeah the men come out of the ceiling. Yeah ya like men hahn? Hahn? Yeah ya like that!
Alex Emling uses the term "men" way too much while speaking.
by Anonymus April 04, 2005
Plural form of man.
Some men came over to watch the football game.
by Kyro Shingami October 29, 2004

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