As judging by U.D posts, someone who is okay for women to generalize just like racists do, calling them pigs, perverts, shallow, cheaters, oppressors, etc, and it is okay for a woman to be a misandrist sexist pig towards the entire population of men, yet it is not okay to generalize or insult women in any aspect or else you are a sexist misogynist pig. Gallop polling says 60% of married people found cheating were women, but men are accused of being "the cheaters" on urban dictionary, by misandrist sexist pigs.

Men are supposed to adhere to the "be a man" gender role where they have to be strong and make 100% of the income, do all of the heavy duty work, and have a big penis, but it is not okay to say that all women need to adhere to the woman gender role which is being a skinny subordinate with large breasts who doesn't do anything but make her man sandwiches. It's not offensive to assume that all men want are power tools, but it's offensive to assume that all women want are vacuums.

Woman can ask for all the physical appearance they want yet still not be called shallow, and those same people will hypocritically call men shallow when they do it.
Men are people with enormous inequalities that never get addressed, like not being able to get their child by any means in custody just because he was born with a Y chromosome, having to pay his female partner half of his money after any divorce for any reason, and so many societal double standards that it's not even funny.
A fat guy with a pretty girl: That guy thinks he's entitled, he's not a "real man" he looks weak as a jellyfish!

A fat girl with a hot guy: You go girl! No one should have to put up with your physical appearance, but men everywhere need to get fit, have a big penis, make 100% of the income, and be a "real man" because it's OKAY to promote this "be a man" gender role, but it's not okay to say that women need to "be women" where they are skinny, have large breasts, and who's only goal in life is to be a sex toy and make sandwiches.
by ACTUAL Equality February 22, 2014
Noun. Men's toilet. Usually public but sometimes also used to refer to a home toilet used by men. Origin probably "Gentlemen's toilet", abbreviated to "Men's toilet", further shortened to "Men's" or "Gents". After years of inaccurate sign writing on public toilets (internationally) the toilet can now be referred to as the "mens". Sometimes spotted as misspelt by learned old people who have not realised that words evolve. Note that the "Woman's toilet" can also be referred to as the "ladies" but not currently the "womans" (similar origin).
"Please stop the car, I need to visit the mens"
"Can I use your mens?"
"That was a dodgy curry, is there a mens I may use?"
by Waiwaiawahine January 14, 2012
50% of the population.

Oh damn, my boyfriend dumped me because I'am a self centered, materalist, man hating nut. I'am going to go write a hateful def in UD about men now and act like I (and the other woman who wrotes defs) aren't hypocritical seixists.
That will show them.
Cindy: The world would be a better place without men!

Common Sense: Ok then be ready to live in a world with a deficit in scientists, engineers or plasitic surgeons for that matter.
by femscarestopper October 26, 2011
The leaders of society. Their jobs are to serve as leaders, businessmen, and law enforcement, however, that does not mean that they should flaunt this superiority to their counterparts, women. They should treat them with honesty, respect, and kindness, and loving your wife should come before loving your job.
Example 1:
Bob: Yeah! Wooo! Men are so awesome! We got like, 4,000,000 more brain cells then women, we're stronger, more agile, smarter, fucking beast man.
Alison: Yeah, but that doesn't mean that you should treat us with----
Bob: Fuck you bitch, back on my dick you go!

Example 2:
John: I'll admit that men are made for certain things that women aren't, but where would we be without them?
Alison: Wow, you're so much better than my ex, do you want my number?
John: No thank you, I'd rather get to know you in person.
(in the background, Bob can seen breaking and destroying things in a testosterone filled rage, shouting incoherent nonsense like "Alison you fucking bitch," "I'll destroy your hole," etc. and he eventually succumbs to exhaustion, falling into a deep slumber)
by IAmRonPaul October 21, 2014
Mens: (N.) Ebonic Plural of Men. Interchangeable with the nown "Peoples". Example: "1SGT, I gots tah go to dah Mens room (a room with a toilet for use by more than one Men)."
"Tell your Mens that formation is 0730hrs sharp---dey ass is mine if dey late for my formation."
by Lucifer Tiddys (thats DDs, not TTs) September 17, 2007
Women came from the rib of man... actually god made a typo. Correction: man came from the rib of women
*god on Microsoft word writing bible* "and so woman was born from the rib of man" *wife god intervenes* "ahem" "oh sorry honey... man was born from rib of women..."
by TotallyNotYou June 16, 2011
Swedish for Menstrual Cycle.
hopefully i can get rid of my headache too, its because of the mens, its called mens in swedish
by bzImage January 26, 2007

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